Xergy is a leader & innovator in ionic (functional) materials, their processing and their packaging! Controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels within ionic materials offers revolutionary pathways for development of home, energy, industrial, medical, and sensing products.
Xergy's mission is to deliver these products to the world!

Product Concept & Applications

The most efficient, highest performance, lowest maintenance, most durable, easy to integrate and control, solid state humidity management device for a micro-climate.

→ For any environment that can benefit from either addition or removal of moisture
     → Museum / Artifact storage
     → Food storage
     → Display cabinets
     → Chemical storage
     → Optical Enclosures
     → Electronic device protection
     → Cigar / Herb storage
     → Semi-conductor shipping

Features & Benefits


→ Solid State
→ Noiseless
→ No collection tray or liquid water accumulation
→ Low Voltage requirement
→ Low Profile
→ Can be customized


→ Low Maintenance
→ No consumable component(s)
→ Inconspicuous, Unobtrusive
→ Accurate, controllable
→ Low energy requirement
→ Easy Integration, Simple Installation
→ Can be custom designed
→ High Efficiency
→ Easy Integration, Simple Installation

Product Specifications

1).   Water transmission rates determined at T = 5C, RH = 90% (AH = 8.4 g/m3)
2).   Power consumption at operating voltage of 2V

Water transmission rates and power consumption will decrease over the lifetime of the cell. Stated values are for the initial performance of the cell. Cells are designed to operate for 40,000 hours.

Pricing & Terms

→   Optional R.O. water purification unit is recommended, can be purchased from Xergy for $98/each
→   Optional Controls can be ordered – customized to your needs
→   Standard Xergy Inc. Terms & Conditions Apply
→   All Pricing is FOB Harrington, DE
→   Unless credit application is provided, Advance payment is required

Solid State Humidity Control

→   Simple
→   Flat form
→   Controllable
→   Programmable
→   Long Life
→   Maintenance Free
→   Silent
→   Vibration Free
→   Compact
→   Low Energy



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