Xergy is an innovator in ionic materials and their packaging!
Controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels within ionic materials offers revolutionary pathways for development of home, energy, industrial, medical, and sensing products.
Xergy's mission is to deliver these products to the world!

Xergy Incorporated was founded in 2009, as a high-technology start-up venture based in Sussex County, Delaware. Xergy now, has become the world leader in the development and commercialization of Electrochemical compressors and components for electrochemical applications with 5 issued patents and over 40 patents in process; and has entered into programs to commercialize this technology with a number of global F500 companies. Xergy Inc. was a finalist in the ARPA-E 2010 program, the International Prize winner of the GE-Ecomagination award in 2011, a finalist in the Cleantech Award in 2012, won a DOE SBIR Phase 1 award in 2013, a Phase II award in 2014, a DOE BENEFIT award in 2015 and an SBIR Phase 2B award in 2016.

Our business at Xergy is to leverage our technology with advanced ion exchange membranes to create high value and high eco-impact products. In naming our company, we wanted to capture this intent. To help symbolize our purpose we have borrowed from the thermodynamic term, Exergy. The term Exergy, sometimes referenced as a letter B, or the Greek letter (Xi) Ξ in engineering references. It is a measure of the maximum useful work (Maximus Utilis Opus) that a system can perform. We have therefore, taken the symbol for Exergy (Xi) Ξ, and modified it a little to make it appear more 'electrochemical' with a shorter middle line, to symbolize two batteries facing one another vertically. We made it appear more like a Latin X. We have also dropped the “e” and named our company Xergy in support our new symbol.

Prior to starting Xergy Inc., our founder,Bamdad Baharwas the General Manager of Teledyne Energy Systems (MD), a division of Teledyne Technologies Inc. (MD). He led the Transformation of this unit from a low/slow growth division to 20X its valuation within 2 years and a unit of key strategic value to Teledyne Inc. Prior to joining Teledyne he was the Business Leader of W.L. Gore’s Ion Transport Products unit, where he led team that developed and filed many patents for a new membrane product line to create an ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and ultra-high performance composite ion exchange membrane for Fuel Cells and other Electrochemical devices. He led the business from Zero to $20 Million in sales within 3 years with record profitability and without a single negative quarter.

Xergy Inc. was founded on the premise that composite ion exchange membranes are still in their infancy, and are an excellent platform to build new, transformational and disruptive electrochemical products or systems. Moreover, many of these new products can have meaningful impact on our planet and the situation we are facing as a human race.

Xergy Inc. (Seaford, DE)’s pioneering Electrochemical Compressor (ECC) for heat pumps has been supported byUnited States Department of Energy since 2013. This is a solid-state technology that uses an external voltage to pump a working fluid across an ion exchange membrane. This technique has several advantages over traditional mechanical heat pumps. It is much more efficient. Also, the working fluids do not contribute to global warming. Xergy's ECC system has no moving parts and is inherently motor-less, noise-less, modular, scalable, more reliable than traditional mechanical systems and employs non-CFC refrigerants that do not deteriorate our environment.An initial application of this technology is in hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters use heat pumps to reduce the energy needed to heat water by as much as 60%. By usingXergy’s compressor in water heaters, we can reduce energy consumption in the U.S. by an amount equal to the State of Oregon’s consumption.This project reached a major milestone in August 2015, when Xergy shipped the first ECC unit to our Industrial Appliances Partner for incorporation into a prototype hybrid water heater, and a second milestone in June 2016 where a complete heat pump system was demonstrated, also for a hybrid hot water heater. DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO)made a commitment to Xergy’s ECC technology, investing more than $3 million through three separate projects. The technology also promises improved efficiency—Xergy estimates that its ECC water heater will be more than 25% more efficient than current state-of-the-art heat pumps with environmental benefits. As a result, the potential annual energy savings from widespread adoption of the technology in the water heating market could total 1 Quad, equal to the electricity used by 28 million homes in a year.“If you’re not in the appliance or HVAC space, it may be hard to appreciate the significance of this milestone. Electrochemical compression has the potential to transform the market away from today’s vapor compression solutions. This prototype is the Apple I of ECC technology,” says Tony Bouza, Technology Manager for HVAC, Water Heating, and Appliances at DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO).

There are many other benefits to the Xergy technology that can be realized depending on the specific application - such as in refrigerators, heat pumps, electronic cooling systems, automotive cooling systems.This technology is transformational and disruptive, and will revolutionize refrigeration systems globally, resulting in important environmental benefits. Refrigeration Systems account for over 30% of residential and commercial power requirements, and obviously any gain in system efficiencies will substantially reduce energy consumption and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. In addition, over 150 million electric motors are produced for mechanical compressors worldwide, and adoption of this technology will reduce depletion of critical materials used to make electric motors. Since, this technology can operate without using CFC based refrigerants; it will also dramatically reduce ozone layer depletion caused by current refrigerants.

Xergy has also developed many other products from its R&D efforts related to ECC's including advanced ion exchange membranes, catalyst coated membranes, micro-humidity control device, energy recovery ventilator modules, desalination systems, gas storage devices, and ozone disinfection systems to name a few.Xergy has partnered with the University of Delaware and Delaware State University in developing many of its innovative products.

Xergy plans to commercialize its revolutionary electrochemical compression technology during this next phase. And change the world. As Bamdad keeps saying, there is NO other technology that can make a bigger contribution to our environment than Xergy's ECC technology. With huge shifts in population, and almost exponential growth in demand globally for energy to feed refrigeration and air conditioner systems, it is more critical than ever to commercialize this technology!


In May 2013, it was announced that Xergy had been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the CleanTech-Open (North-East) business accelerator competition. On June 26th to 28th, Xergy attended the NE Region Academy in Boston. Read more ...

Clean Tech open

In May 2013, it was announced that Xergy had been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the CleanTech-Open (North-East) business accelerator competition. On June 26th to 28th, Xergy attended the NE Region Academy in Boston. Read more ...

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